Spooktacular Halloween Ideas: Monster Cupcakes

monsters 2A few days ago I wrote a post about making Room on the broom inspired cupcakes for Halloween. At the same time I also made a selection of more traditional monster cupcakes that you could easily do for a kiddy party. As with the Room on the broom post these could all be done with an 8 colour gel paste selection (mine is Wilton) and basic equipment. The  cupcakes and frosting were made using my standard recipes and the decorations were made with a mixture of coloured frosting, coloured ready to roll fondant and coloured flower and modelling paste.  I bought the black flower paste pre coloured as it takes a lot of colour to get a true black but you could colour it yourself if you prefer. I made Witches, a Mummy, Eyeballs and Hairy blue monsters.

Orange witch

orange witchI used the my orange silicone cupcake cases with feet to bake the cupcakes and used orange frosting which I piped in a spiral.
To make the hat I used ready coloured black floral paste. The floral paste dries harder than normal fondant meaning it won’t go floppy (as long as you don’t seal it in a biscuit tin which traps moisture).
Cut out a circle for the base of the hat. I don’t have the right size cutter so use an upside down shot glass. (From my pre-kiddie days)
Mould a blob of paste into a cone for the rest of the hat. To make the sharp tip I just pulled the point upwards.


Fallen witch

witchWhile browsing pintrest for ideas I spotted a brilliant cupcake where a witch had fallen in it. To recreate it I used a large star nozzle to pipe a spiral of uncoloured frosting and added some orange sprinkles. I added a hat to one side of the cakes and made legs to go on the other side. I made 1 long set of legs and used a paint brush to add gel colour stripes, for the other witch I made shorter legs meaning only the shoes could be seen.fallen witches



The Mummy

mummy3The mummy cupcake is very simple to do. 20131007-104832.jpgTo make the eyes cut out some small black circles and slightly larger red circles. Stick them together using edible glue or water.
Spread a layer of frosting on the cupcake and attach the eyes, then add the bandages. Ideally use a ribbon nozzle to pipe frosting bandages across the cake, sadly though I don’t have a ribbon nozzle (yet) so instead I cut strips of white fondant. Lay them across the cake until only the eyes peep through.


To make the eyeballs extra spooky I added strawberry jam to the middle of them. Insert a long nozzle into the centre of the cupcake and squeeze in the jam until it begins to come out of the top.20131007-102246.jpg20131007-102301.jpg Spread a layer of frosting on top and add a circle of white ready to roll fondant. (I used an upside down glass to cut mine out as I didn’t have a cutter the right size).  Add some red water icing lines with a writing nozzle to make the eye blood-shot. (I had some icing pens left over from my son’s birthday party where I got the kids to decorate their own cookies so used that).
Cut out a coloured circle for the iris and a smaller black circle for the pupil. Attach with a dab of water or with edible glue.

eyeballscut eyeball








Hairy blue monsters

blue monster 320131007-104845.jpgI made some mini cupcakes in petit four cases and my new mini-muffin tray that I’ve been waiting to use.  I added a star of frosting to give the monster some height (a blob added with a teaspoon would do as well) and then used a nozzle that makes a grass effect for the blue hair. I added the front portion of hair then added one of the eyes I made earlier. Next I added the rest of the hair to create a hairy blue maonster.20130807-144729.jpg





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