Christmas is coming

nutcrackerI have to admit that I don’t really believe in Christmas starting before December, the Christmas aisles springing up before Halloween is over and done with annoy me and I have an annual grumble about it. However, on Friday it will be December, our (multiple) advent calendars will get started (Lego, MLP, traditional etc.) so when I saw a nutcracker this week I broke my no early decorations rule and bought him. He was only £7 and I thought a bit of a bargain. Since I couldn’t face finding the decorations box to put him away he now has pride of place in my dining room. 

  I’ve also been trying to organise presents this week, my kiddy-winks gifts were sorted a while back as I like to make sure they won’t be disappointed but that still leaves other friends and family. I’ve sorted a few bits and pieces on Amazon and even found some nice Freebies like a Luxury beauty box when you spend over £50. Whenever I get things like this I’m always torn between keeping them (because they were free so I’m not being irresponsible) and using them as gifts  (because then I’m actually saving the price of a gift). Any opinions on this gratefully received! Now I just need to decide when I’m going to put the tree up. With an 9 month old labrador and a 4 month old kitten I think I’m going to need a barricade of some sort…
dog cat

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