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crumble cakeThis year my son had two birthday cakes, one for his party and one on his actual birthday – the on the day cake was the easiest he’s ever asked for, “a diamond block from Minecraft, Mummy – so, you know, a blue block”. I think he was lulling me into a false sense of security though because his next request was a party cake that looked exactly like Crumble (his very well loved and grotty bear). Luckily for me there are a few 3d cake tins around which made my life easier – you can find a good range at The craft company.
In the end I found a Wilton 3D Teddy Bear Tin on Amazon which looked close enough to his bear and saved me a lot of drama with hemisphere tins and a bread knife. Making the cake involved removing all the shelves from my oven and baking the bear upside down, nerve wracking but successful. The tin was a Wilton one and I ended up using an 8 egg mix to fill it. I started with 6 but ended up making more batter as I didn’t have quite enough to fill the metal core which helps the cake cook evenly throughout. I used a grass style piping nozzle to create Crumble’s fur and dark brown coloured water icing for his nose and mouth. The eyes were brown smarties with the pupils added using a black food colouring pen. 


The instructions suggest putting grease-proof paper around the join, I skipped this step and the cake did work but with some leakage so probably worth doing.

Thoroughly grease the tin and dust with flour. The flour helps to stop the cake sticking and also shows up any spots you’ve missed while greasing the tins.

Remember to grease and flour both sides of the metal core if you are filling it with batter.

Loosen both sides of the tin once the cake is baked but replace and leave to cool in the tin to protect the cake while it’s at it’s most delicate.

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