Butterfly birthday party

So yesterday was my daughter’s birthday party and everything I’ve been planning finally came together. I followed Capture by Lucy’s example and used a Pintrest board to collect lots of ideas together.

I ended up having a butterfly themed party but slightly toned down from my ideas board so that the boys at the party enjoyed it too.

I bought paper lanterns and attached feather butterflies to them before suspending them from the ceiling on ribbons.

lantern buffet

For the buffet we had lots of lovely hot food followed by far too many sweet treats!

savoury melon fruit sweetend

The sweet end of the table was made up of iced cookies – (fairies, butterflies and birds), a jelly with layers of blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry, and lots of cake!

fairies&layercake birds&butterflies

There was left over rose tinted layer cake and a butterfly garden cake to “sing happy birthday to you to me” as my daughter excitedly said!

cake mmm cake

She started the day in a pretty party dress, but partway through her party was given the most beautiful butterfly dress which she immediately wanted to wear. She had a wonderful day with friends and family.

silent sunday

We sent everyone home with party bags and balloons and really should start tidying up the carnage sometime soon 🙂

finished bags

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