Perfect party bags

Today I have been working on my daughters birthday cake for Monday and the party bags for a week on Saturday. The party is butterfly themed but as we have at least as many boys as girls coming I wanted to avoid the bags being too girly. Another important point for me was to avoid just filling them with sweets, so I did a little shopping online and ended up with a nice range of bug themed bits and bobs including colour in bug masks, crayons, stickers, bright coloured stretchy bugs and my favourite bit – home made chocolate lollies.

bag fillerslollies

The lollies are made with a lolipop mould and Wilton candy melts which I originally wrote about in my first ever blog post about our Valentine’s day this year. To make them you simply melt the candy melt buttons in a microwave and then set them in a mould. To make the different coloured sections I painted in the colours with a paint brush (not used for anything else) and then layered other colours on top. This only the second time I have used candy moulds and the first time I have used multiple colours so I was very happy with the results. The packaging does say not to set the candy melts in the fridge but I’m not sure why as I did and they have come out fine.

Here are my finished party bags all ready for little people 🙂

finished bags

fyi this isn’t a sponsored post I just really like the product

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