We went on a summer holiday – hurray!

Over the Summer I’ve kept reading posts about people’s fabulous holidays, it’s lovely bu tit does make you a bit jealous 😉 but I knew as I read all those posts that I had my own lovely holiday to look forward to.

For my son’s birthday this year we wanted to so something special so we decided to go back to the Nottingham Center Parcs village that we visited for out 5th anniversary in March. We decided to stay longer this time so booked the  Monday to Friday break straight after the schools went back – meaning it was much more affordable. Because we booked within 28 days of our March holiday we qualified for their Come Back Soon offer and got some vouchers to use in the village as well as a lowest price guarantee.

making a castle 4 making a castle 3  making a castle making a castle 2

We had a brilliant time re-exploring the woods and the kiddies adored playing on the beach by the lake, something they didn’t get to do so much in March.  We also went swimming, did pottery painting (I had to do my own because I kept trying to fix my daughter’s), had a game of bowling when it was pouring down with rain and generally enjoyed the wildlife.

me helping gingerbread man

My son got to use the camera we were given for the Kids Capture the Colour and took some lovely photos both at Center Parcs and at Drayton Manor which we drove to on the Wednesday for a special showing of King of the railway. I think the one of the trees looks quite arty!

swan J trees

All in all it was a lovely week and it was great to get away. We tried our daughter in one of the twin beds rather than a cot this time and she was so good that we’ve now converted her cot-bed. It made me quite emotional as I officially have no babies left now! (And no plans for any more)

It really is such a great place to go with children and I can’t recommend it enough. The restaurants are all family focused and there are options for both fussy and more adventurous eaters. The sub-tropical swimming paradise is included in the package and we love it. The kiddie slides are fab and 6 months has made a massive difference to my children’s confidence, with them now loving the bigger slide as well as the open little slide in the toddler section. My son understood about the lights telling him to wait his turn and was telling his sister that she had to wait!
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  1. Coombe Mill - Fiona says:

    It looks like you had great weather too! What a lovely holiday, fun for all the family making some memories to cherish. It sounds like they cater for the whole families needs to ensure a great visit. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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