Capturing the colour age 4

Last month we were lucky enough to be one of 100 lucky blogging families who were sent a digital camera courtesy of Travel Supermarket to enter a children’s photography competition called Kids Capture the Colour.

My son is 4 years old and was very excited at having a proper camera to take photos with. For his 3rd birthday last year he was given a kiddezoom camera which he loves but takes truly awful pictures. The photo’s we’ve taken with the fujifilm finepix camera we received have been a huge improvement, although it does have a problem focusing sometimes.

Today we sat down together and looked through his pictures from the last month or so to choose a photo for each colour category. The colours are Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and White. Blue, red,Β  green and white were easy enough, the tricky one was yellow. Don’t ask me why but there were no yellow photos at all, one of those funny things that you don’t notice at the time. We had a look for yellow things around the house and this is what we came up with:

yellow2A cushion, a giraffe, some trucks, flatbed cargo, a golf ball, lemons, Simba the from The Lion King

Our other photos we chose from our holiday at Center Parcs and our visit to Thomas Land.

For blue what else would a Thomas the Tank Engine fan choose? This was taken at the end of our day at Drayton Manor. We had finally managed to have a ride on the train pulled by Thomas and we got a photo of him turning around on his turn table.


White is also from Drayton Manor, the very last thing we did was catch the final boat trip of the day. It was just us on the trip and the boat was a beautiful white steamboat. (At least it looked like one I’m fairly sure it had a normal motor underneath πŸ˜‰ ) We also decided that this should be our Red photo because of the chairs.

boat rideOur last photo is our Green Photo and is from Center Parcs, taken as we were walking to the village for lunch one day.

J trees

This post counts as our entry to theΒ  Kids Capture the Colour photography competition run by Travel Supermarket.

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  1. Alison Rothwell says:

    I think kids are much more able to handle a camera than I thought. Perhaps it’s a generational thing? When we were kids, cameras were much more complicated and cumbersome – now they’re easier to use and you can see the results straight away!

  2. Erin Ek Rush says:

    I am also impressed by how well he used a camera! Also, would love to read more about the Thomas Land trip. My two year old is a HUGE Thomas fan and I’m not sure when is a good age to go? With her being our first we’ve done some things before she was really old enough to enjoy them!

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