Spooktacular Halloween Ideas:Easy Peasy Castle Cake

rice krispie castleThis is a really easy recipe and perfect for making a fun Halloween castle cake with the kids. It’s essentially a rice krispie cake covered in coloured candy melts. Instead of using the traditional chocolate to hold the Rice Krispies together it uses a stickier mix of Mars bars, butter and golden syrup. Fair warning it is very sweet!


1 box of Rice Krispies (approx)

5 Mars bars

100g unsalted butter

4 tablespoons golden syrup

Small amount of oil to dip the spoon in for the golden syrup

Either orange and black candy melts or white chocolate and orange and black gel colours.

I used an 8inch tin, a 6 inch tin, a piping bag, ice cube tray and 2 empty kitchen rolls 1 of which is lined with foil (yes really).


  • Slice the Mars bars and place in a microwavable jug
  • Add the butter and syrup to the Mars bars using a spoon dipped in oil for the syrup so it will fall easily off the spoon.
  • Using 20 second bursts melt the mixture in a microwave until all the lumps are gone and it starts to bubble. It will be pretty hot but it cools quickly.
  • Pour just over half the mixture into a large bowl and slowly add Rice Krispies stirring as you go. Make sure not to add too many Rice Krispies as the mixture needs to be sticky to hold together.
  • Stand the foil lined empty kitchen roll upright in the 8 inch tin and spoon the Rice Krispie mixture into it. Press down to compact the mixture and make a solid cylinder.
  • Add more mixture into the 8 inch tin around the kitchen roll and press down to compact the mixture. This effectively makes an 8 inch Rice Krispie cake with a hole in it to stand the tower in.
  • 20131023-144031.jpgLeave the 8 inch cake and tower to one side to cool and make the smaller 6 inch part of the castle. You may need to slightly reheat the remaining Mars bar mixture before mixing with the Rice Krispies.
  • Make the roof of the tower by compacting some of the rice krispie mix into the piping bag. Stand upright and leave to set.
  • Keeping back a small amount of Rice Krispie mix, place the second empty kitchen roll against the side of the 6 inch tin and fill the rest with Rice Krispie mix, compacting it down.
  • Press the left over Rice Krispie mix into the icecube tray to make 5 or 6 battlements for the top of the cake.
  • Turn out the battlements and add to the top of the 6 inch cake.
  • Leave everything to set.
  • Carefully remove the two cakes from the tins and assemble, lining up the holes for the tower.
  • Tear off the empty kitchen roll from the tower and peel off the foil.
  • Insert the tower into the hole in the cake.
  • 20131023-144046.jpgIdeally chill the cake in a fridge before covering in chocolate. Melt the orange coloured candy melts (or white chocolate and colour with orange gel colour) and cover the cake. Keep the chocolate as cool as possible while still melted as the heat can start to melt the cake itself.
  • Cover the roof of the tower with black coloured candy melts (you could always use dark chocolate)
  • Once the covering has dried melt some more black candy melts and pipe on details such as creepy gate, windows and bats. Use some of the melted candy melts to join the tower roof to the castle.

This week was the final of the great British bake off and I would have loved to make a corpse bride wedding cake showstopper, but I was already making this cake so that will have to wait until next year 🙂 It may not be different flavours, or even technically a cake but I’m linking up to the great blogger’s bake off with Helen and Jenny non the less in my defense I have made lots of multi tier showstoppers in to past, including my daughter’s butterfly cake, my son’s Lightning Mcqueen cake and a diamond wedding anniversary cake for a friend.

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