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20140501-225030.jpgI was watching a programme the other night about how coffee culture’s changed over the years, from couples bonding over Gold Blend in the 90’s to the huge amount of choice that we collectively call coffee nowadays. Personally I’m fairly easy to please with a latte, but like most people I know, if I heard someone ordering a medium wet skinny vanilla latte with an extra shot I’d know exactly what they meant. We’ve come a long way from “Milk and Sugar?”

But it isn’t only in our local coffee shops that the coffee revolution’s taken place, it’s slowly made it’s way into our homes too. We’ve gone from percolators to Tassimos, Nespressos, Bean to cup machines etc.etc. You can have pretty much any coffee you can describe in the comfrt of your own kitchen. Personally I have a Tassimo and I love the convenience. I’m the only person in the house who regularly drinks coffee and when we used to have a percolator I either ended up with the jitters because I drank too much, or I ended up pouring half a jug down the sink. Now I can make coffee whenever I want without having to brew a large jug. It’ convenient and my 2 year old is always very excited (and insistent *sigh*) about getting to push the button. Having said that I love my Tassimo I always find myself putting off the task of descaling it when that little red light comes on every so often. It’s not running the program that puts me off, but the messing about trying to mix up the right volume of descaling product from a caustic powder designed for irons and so on. So when I was offered some specialised coffee machine descaler to review I jumped at the chance. I have to say it really was much easier than any descaler I’ve used before. The durgol swiss espresso coffee machine descaler comes as a ready made liquid that you just dilute to the volume stated in your coffee machine’s instructions. It was so easy to use and I can honestly recommend it for anyone with a coffee machine to descale. My coffee machine is now happily making me lattes again and I’m a much nicer person to be around in the mornings. What’s your favourite coffee drink?












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