Alice in wonderland birthday cupcakes

Alice cupcakes 1It was my birthday at the start of this month and although my husband offered to buy me a cake I decided that I’d rather make my own. Last year I made a Giant raspberry and peach cupcake so this year I decided to make a series of smaller cupcakes based on an Alice in Wonderland theme. I did 6 designs with 4 cupcakes each making a total of 24 delicious cupcakes for our tea party.

  1. White roses being painted red – made by painting a stripe of red food colouring down the inside of the piping bag.
  2. Cheshire cats – purple and pink frosting piped from the same bag with fondant eyes, ears, mouth and hair added then outlined in black water icing.
  3. Late white rabbits disappearing down the rabbit hole – frosting grass piped with a grass nozzel with a fondant rabbit bottom, watch and flowers. Details added with pink water icing for the rabbit’s toes and with black food colouring on a cocktail stick to make the details of the clock face.
  4. Mad hatter’s tea party- made by laying an over large circle of fondant over buttercream and shaping into a table cloth then adding fondant teapot, cup, hat and spilt tea.
  5. Eat me labeled cakes – Embossing the fondant with a stencil then brushing on edible lustre powder, cutting a circle to fit the cake and smoothing onto frosting to make a dome shape. Fondant labels cut out freehand and labeled Eat Me with black water icing.
  6. Alice in wonderland pinafore bow – A circle of blue fondant on top f frosting then strips of white fondant shaped into a bow placed on top.

To make the cupcakes I used my Easy Vanilla Cupcake Recipe. To make the frosting I used my Vanilla Frosting Recipe.



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