Reclaiming the wilderness

While wandering around on twitter yesterday I found Mammasaurus’ How does your garden grow linkey. There are some lovely posts with pictures of beautiful flowers.

As anyone who has seen my post on magical garden days will have spotted, my garden is really a bit of a wilderness. I try and stay on top of it but we bought the house 5 years ago from people who spent a lot of time gardening and then proceeded to gut the house and make 2 little people. The end result is that the garden is very over-grown. As our little monsters are getting bigger I find I am able to spend a bit more time fighting back against the undergrowth but it is still mostly a loosing battle.

20130524-122803.jpgEarlier this week I stumbled on some photos we took the first time we ever looked round our house. It was really strange looking back and seeing our home with someone elses things in it, but what struck me most was how tidy the garden was. Everything was perfectly neat and looked after. Something else I noticed – and am slightly embarrassed about- is that some plants that I have cut back and always thought were meant to be there were missing – meaning that they self seeded at some point in my neglect of the garden.

I do have good intentions to sort the garden out – the lawns are already looking better and I plan to start on the beds when (if) the sunny weather comes back. In the mean time there are still quite a few plants which are thriving in spite of me.

This morning I took my camera out and snapped a few of them. Don’t tell anyone how bad it looks if you zoom out – it’s our secret.



Our Clematis goes from strength to strength each year, the Lilac tree is in bloom, the Wisteria is budding but only a few flowers are out so far, and Peonies are trying to flower.


Rock roses, Gorse(?), Thistles and an unidentified white flower are also looking pretty in various places around the garden.

White flower Thistle RockRose PeonyGorse

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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  1. Mammasaurus says:

    Heh heh I use the old zoom in to avoid anyone seeing the rest of the garden trick too! I also looked back on the photos of when we bought our house and wonder just how they kept it so neat but I’ve told myself now that they made it look very neat to sell the house 😉

    I look longingly at my neighbours garden with much green fingered envy but I guess like many things a garden needs a long time to establish itself. I really should pull my finger out more though!

    I’ve been seeing a few photos of those white flowers this week, I also have no idea what they are but I suspect someone will know. Lovely photos – clematis is on my garden shopping list for this year!

    Thanks ever so much for joining in, I’m getting much inspiration from peeking at everyone’s gardens x

    • admin says:

      Actually I know how our previous owners kept it so neat – my friend who lives across the road says they were our there every chance they got. I also make myself feel better remembering that their 2 children were 19 and 21 not 1 and 3. 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank you, I saw your post and they are very similar – in fact I didn’t know what the Rock Rose was until I saw yours. I’m sure yours are better looked after than ours though. I accidentally killed a good portion of our honeysuckle the other day when trying to cut back the Elderflower that’s growing with it.

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