Nearly 2 years ago he was two…

You may have noticed that every other post seems to be about my daughter’s second birthday at the minute. From worrying about which birthday cake to make to planing the cookie designs. I’ve even created a couple of boards on pintrest for inspiration. I have been looking back at previous birthday parties for ideas and the other day found myself looking at my son’s 2nd birthday party.

The gallery theme this week is two so I’ve decided to share a few photos from that day. It seems appropriate as not only did my son turn two, but our one child had very recently become two when his sister was born 12 weeks earlier.

For me balloons are a big part of any party so we always get a couple of bunches and use them at the end with party bags.

In the night garden was always my son’s favourite show so I made him an Iggle Piggle cake (although he did come out with a slight Homer Simpson look). I was particularly proud of the Ninky-Nonk and the blanket. The path was made of white chocolate buttons.

img_0044 img_0046 img_0045

The present opening was very exciting.


But it was all a bit much for tiny people.


I can hardly believe this was nearly two years ago!

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