My baby’s growing up

My little girl is two this month and I think she has really and truly stopped being a baby now. When I look at my two lovely little monsters playing together they are very much children. They walk along holding hands and just look so grown up.

Something that’s been on my mind for a while is that I really cant put off changing her cot into a bed for much longer. A couple of months ago my husband caught the little monkey climbing out of her cot onto the changing table next to it, going across the changing table to the sink, collecting her toothbrush and then getting back into her cot. Needless to say we moved the changing table to the other side of the room that night. Ever since then I’ve been waiting for her to try and climb out without the step-up she had from the changing table, I don’t think it will be long now as I have vivid memories of walking into my son’s room when he was 27 months and finding him spread-eagled on the edge of his cot.

When she does figure out that she can escape from her cot by herself it should be a fairly easy job to transform the cot into a bed, I remember changing my son’s cot-bed and even with his “help” and my daughter lying on the floor at 6 months old it only took a couple of hours. What I have been dithering about over the last couple of months is what I am going to do about bedding.

setI wanted to get bedding that would match the lilac colour scheme of her room. When we put our son in a bed we bought single sized bedding rather than toddler sized as it means we don’t have to invest in new sets when he moves into a single bed. I have been looking for some single bedding for our daughter for a while without managing to make any decisions, but thanks to the lovely people at e-linens the decision ended up being easy. They have sent me a lovely Children’s Heart Pink Duvet Set to review; the pinks and purples in the pattern blend with my daughters room perfectly and the heart design mixes beautifully with the birds and butterflies already there.

incotThe set currently retails at £9.97 and I think is good value for the money. It is a cotton-polyester mix and can be machine washed at 40. The poppers on the quilt cover are easy to do up and great for anyone who doesn’t like fiddling with buttons. The material is a little thinner than you would find in pure cotton sets but for under £10 I am very happy with the quality. The finish is great and I am very much looking forward to when my little girl goes into her big girl bed (although knowing I’ll be doing rapid returns every night for the first couple of weeks lets me appreciate these last days of easy bedtimes).

When she saw the bedding my little girl was very excited. She loves getting into (and bouncing on) her brother’s bed so I know she is going to be over the moon when she has her very own grown up bed and bedding all set up for her.

I was sent the duvet set for the purpose of this review however the views expressed are my own.


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