Frozen themed party bags

One of my pet hates about birthday parties is the cheap rubbish that you get in so many party bags. I always try to avoid the little plastic toys etc when putting our party bags together so for this year’s Frozen themed bags I went exploring on the internet.

The bags were simple white paper bags with handles that I bought a bulk load of last year for my son’s Lightning McQueen party bags. I hand made luggage style labels using:

White card (6 labels are made per sheet)

A guillotine (scissors and a ruler would work too)

A hole punch (mine is single but one side of a double hole punch is fine)


Blue ribbon

Snowflake stickers

frozen name tags

1. Start with a sheet of A4 white card.

2. Cut the card into 3 strips

3. Cut each of the strips in half.

4. Use scissors to cut off the corners at one end of each piece of card. Try to keep the angle the same.

5. Use a hole punch to make a single hole at the end with the cut corners.

6.Thread a length of ribbon long enough to tie onto a bag through the hole.

7. Use a sparkly blue pen to write the name and add snow flake stickers to complete the look.

To fill the party bags I used:

Free printable colouring sheets (Marshmallow and Christoff for the boys and Elsa and Anna for the girls)

A box of 50 colouring pencils from the local superstore – I tied the pencils in bunches of 4 with some of the ribbon I used to make the Snowflake Cookie Tree.

Large snowflake stickers.

Design a your own snowglobes (bought in a pack of 4)


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