Blog Summit and BritMums Meetup

As I mentioned in my post about making an edible bouquet last week was a bit of a busy one. I usually don’t get over to Manchester much but I was there on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! Friday was to visit the creative stitches and hobbycrafts event but both Wednesday and Saturday were to meet up with some lovely bloggers.

Wednesday saw me heading to the Kellogg’s Building for a BritMums meetup. It was a lovely relaxed couple of hours chatting to bloggers I knew and other’s I hadn’t met before (at least in real life). Kellogg’s had put out a great selection of snacks and I have to admit that since then I’ve got a bit addicted to their Salt and Vinegar Cracker Crisps! We also came away with some samples of their new Special K porridge range which is perfect for us as my two little monsters are literally OBSESSED with porridge and would have it for every meal if I let them. Jenny and Susanna from BritMums were lovely and it was great to meet them. The time went too quickly and I had to head off to retrieve my kiddywinks but the best bit was that I knew I’d be seeing a lot of the same people again on Saturday at the Fabulous Blog Summit run by Tots100.


Blog Summit was in Manchester City Centre at The Hive, and was sponsored by Volvo and Cow and Gate baby foods. There were some fabulous speakers and wonderful food thoughout the day. The topics covered ranged from tips for aspiring authors to food blogging tips (my favourite bit).  I didn’t take many photos as I was busy having a great time but I did snap author and illustrator Sarah McIntyre who tweets as @Jabberworks and told us that she believes in wearing something amazing for work events so that she will be remembered. I also snapped Emily Leary from talking about her fabulous food photography and demonstrating with her picture of a heart cake made in the JustMustard cake tin that I’ve been drooling over for months.  The main tips I came away with from the day were to do a monthly roundup of anything you wanted to cover but didn’t get around to, and to get a halogen light to reduce shadows in food photography.




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