Walkers Mighty Lights Review

20130823-222107.jpgWho doesn’t like a nice packet of crisps every now and then? I know I do. I don’t tend to have them in the house much, mainly because I always eat them too quickly, but when Walkers offered to send us samples of their new range of healthier crisps I thought we’d give them a try.

Walkers mighty lights are a new range of crinkle cut crisps available in 3 flavours: lightly salted, cheese and onion and roast chicken. Having tried them my favourite is the cheese and onion, my kids liked the lightly salted ones but that might just be because I kept the cheese and onion to myself ;).

Mighty lights tag line is “Mighty in flavour, lower in fat”. The flavour is what it just what it claims to be, similar (as you’d expect) to the other ranges of walkers crisps. The lower in fat part is also accurate, although as with all these claims the key bit to remember is that they are lower in fat not low in fat. If you are going to enjoy some tasty crisps I would definitely recommend these as a good choice, but do remember if you’re on a diet like I’m supposed to be that they are still worse for you than a carrot stick ;).

If you want a snack to put in kids lunch boxes then these are certainly healthier than some of the other crisps out there and I know my kids would be delighted to be given them. We take packed lunches with us most of the time as it gets very expensive buying lunch for me and two very hungry small people. Neither of my kids are in school yet so I have no-one looking over my shoulder telling me what to pack but out of interest we tend to have sandwiches, carrot sticks, apples, yoghurt and crisps or cake as a treat. If you’re kids are in school I know there are all sorts of rules about what can and can’t be taken but I’m fairly sure crisps are ok (at present)  we’ll just have to keep fingers crossed that the government doesn’t decide to ban packed lunches all together. (Sorry I know it’s a tenuous link but the idea that parents are incapable of providing a balanced healthy meal for their children is quite frankly offensive at the very least.)

All three flavours of Mighty Lights are suitable for vegetarians, so if you’re a vegetarian craving the taste of chicken then the roast chicken flavour mighty lights could be just the guilt free ticket you’ve been searching for.

When I tried the lightly salted crisps (after prying them away from the kids) I found they reminded me of salt and vinegar, not the actual taste but the sensation they create on the tongue. I think this is due to the spices in the seasoning and personally I felt it added to the flavour.

All three flavours are free from artificial colours and preservatives, using instead natural colourings such as paprika (in the roast chicken and cheese and onion flavours). They are also free from MSG monosodium glutamate.

We were sent one multipack of each flavour for the purposes of this review. This is a sponsored post.




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