#Spend20K What would you REALLY do?

So BritMums is asking people how they would spend £20,000 if they had an unexpected Lottery win and I wasn’t going to enter but all week on Twitter I’ve been seeing peoples entries and it got me thinking: What would I spend it on??

I mean what would you really do with it? There are lots of brilliant and exciting entries but if I had £20,000 I think I would be disappointingly boring. I mean, its A LOT of money don’t get me wrong but would it really change my life? Sadly the answer is probably no. Let’s look at my list of things I’d like to do to the house for a minute:

  • hit on headI’d like to replace our 1980’s bathroom.
  • I’d like to fix the roof before the tiles start slipping so much that they cause serious injury to the cold callers we seem to be getting more and more of. (Although it would save me having to tell them I don’t need double glazing / gardeners / window cleaners etc. )
  • I’d like a kitchen where all the spot lights work.
  • I’d like to replace the hideous carpet in the playroom with easy to clean laminate.
  • I’d like the cold tap in the downstairs loo to be usable.
  • I’d like (and this is a big one…) to convert the loft so we have a spare room.

That’s my list of things to do. I made it when we bought the house and it was a lot longer back then. We’ve done a hell of a lot to this house but there’s still always more and I suspect that if you added up the cost of the things above – even excluding the loft conversion it would come out over the 20K mark.

But here I need to be honest. I want to do all of those things but I don’t think I would. I might replace the roof because it really and truly does need doing, salesperson deterrent aside; but I don’t think I would do the other things. Because I would do the most middle-aged and boring thing you could think to do with £20k. I would put it towards our mortgage. Our offset interest only mortgage that we need to pay off one day but which has been creeping back up a bit since I stopped work and we had to find money to replace a car and fix a leak in the roof (remember that roof I mentioned?).

So there you have it. What would I do with 20K? Replace the roof and reduce the mortgage. Boring. Middle aged. Sensible.

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