November Celebration Cakes and Bakes roundup

So November is over and so is the first month of Celebration Cakes and Bakes. I’d like to say a massive thank you to the people who linked up their amazing cakes and also to Renshaw Baking for providing a great prize to give away. Have a look though the fab cakes people have made for their loved ones and find out who was picked at random to receive the Renshaw goodies.

The first cake linked up was made by Craig from A Day in this Dad’s Life and it wasn’t just any cake it was a piñata cake filled with sweets. I love the idea of these cakes as they have that extra element of surprise whoever cuts into them first.

Second was a Peppa Pig Car Cake from the blog Mostly Cake. Now my little girl is a bit obsessed with Peppa Pig and when She saw this she loved it. I completely agree with her and think it’s amazing, the characters look perfect right down to daddy pig’s glasses.

The next entry was from Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me and had not one but two cakes! The first is a beautiful 70th birthday cake with pearlescent flowers – I particularly love the moulded buttons for the flower centres.

The second cake was for the kiddies and it looks amazing with all the sweeties on top. I expect the small people were running around on sugar highs for quite a while with this beautiful creation. If you have a look at the December Celebration Cakes and Bakes you might come across something similar that I made after seeing it.

One of my fellow Great Blogger’s Bake Off entrants Jo from Jo’s Kitchen linked up the great Lightning McQueen cake which she made for her son’s 2nd birthday. I think any little boy would be delighted with it.

Jenny from Mummy Mishaps who jointly hosts The Great Blogger’s Bake Off linked up a fabulous Raa Raa cake which she made earlier in the year. I think my favourite bit is that there is a marsh mallow for the tongue! Mmmmmm.

Next up is the first of two train cakes linked this month. This one is by Anna from In The Playroom and while she may not have actually baked the cake from scratch I think the creativity in the way she put the whole thing together and the amount of time and effort it must have taken make it a brilliant entry.

Becky from Lakes Single Mum let the kids loose on her entry and it looks like everyone had fun making it.

A traditional Christening cake from Expression And Confession has handmade roses and is simple but effective. It even has step by step pictures of how she made the roses.

The second train cake this month comes from Dilsy does and was made for her flat mate Nick. I have to say I wish I’d been lucky enough to have flatmates who made me birthday cake! It really is a wonderful cake with lots of inventive ideas.

A second piñata cake now from Ghost Writer Mummy this time made from chocolate! It looks stunning and I am very tempted to have a go with my train cake mould.

And finally a cake that is very well timed for any Doctor Who fans, a Dalek Cake by Carole from Carole Finds Her Wings. It may not have gone perfectly first time but I’m sure you’ll agree that the end result was worth any drama along the way.

I’m massively impressed by the lovely cakes everyone has made. The amount of thought people have put into making cakes for their loved ones is brilliant. I used a random number generator to pick the winner of the Renshaw goodies and it was….

Anna from In The Playroom. Congratulations!

I do hope you’ll come back to December’s Celebration Cakes and Bakes with entries festive or otherwise. Duerr’s Jams have kindly offered a selection of jams to one lucky entrant picked at random.

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