Fox’s biscuits – new flavours

I20131027-123145.jpg love baking and making biscuits but that’s not to say that if I’m offered the chance to try some of the delicious new ranges from Fox’s Biscuits that I’d be foolish enough to say no. The lovely people at Fox’s biscuits have been super generous to us over the last few weeks. Fist of all they sent us some samples of their Tastes of America range to try including Missisipi Mud Pie Melts, Cherry Cheesecake Jam ‘n Cream and (my favourite) Blueberry Muffin Party Rings. They’re a new twist on classic biscuits and something a little bit different for handing round with the morning coffee. There are also some Key Lime Pie crunch creams which sound delicious but sadly I didn’t get to try.

But that’s not the end of Fox’s Biscuits fabulousness, Vinnie the Panda got in touch with me last week offering the chance to sample some of the new Fox’s Caffè Biscwits as well as some delicious cwoffee to go with them. There are 4 varieties of the Caffè Biscwits, Thins, Snaps, Slices and Waffles. I think my favourite of these is the waffles and as a coffee addict I loved the strong coffee that came with them.

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