DIY chequered flag bunting

20130825-204025.jpgAfter deciding on the Cars theme for my son’s birthday party I started looking into decorations. I wanted some sort of bunting but I tend to shy away from the cheap plastic decorations, partly because they are sooo expensive for what they are! Instead I decided simple checked bunting would be perfect and aftre a quick look on pinterest I printed off some checked paper and set to work with glue stick, string, pencil, paper and guillotine (left over from my teaching days).

Bunting TemplateOn each A4 sheet I marked out two triangles with an excess at the top. This effectively created a third triangle between the other two. The shape I ended up with meant that when I folded the top of the triangles over the edges didn’t show.

I cut out all the triangles and unwound some string from the ball. I Knotted a loop at the end ready to hang the bunting. Next I used the glue stick on the back of the triangles and folded the excess over the string to stick it in place.


I carried on doing this until I ran out of triangles and then cut the string and made a final loop.

20130825-204259.jpg 20130825-204320.jpg

That’s all there was to it. My bunting is now safely put away waiting for the party :).


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