20140115-105915.jpgA rare non baking post today. My lovely husband is on holiday working in Brighton this week so I have the house (and the kiddies) to myself. So what do you do when you’re a 30 something mum of two young children and your other half leaves you on your own for a week? Obviously you completely blitz the house without them getting in the way;).

It really is shocking how your standards slip when you have kids. Once upon a time the entire house was dusted vacuumed and tidied within an inch of it’s life at least once a week, then we had our first baby and it got a bit less regular. Still, for all that having a new baby is overwhelming they still sleep quite a lot and you can either sleep too, (which everyone says you should but I never really managed), sit down with a hot drink (which I did do quite often) or tidy and dust. Ok the vacuuming was a bit trickier but it really wasn’t that bad. Then we had the bright idea of having another baby. I think the last time the whole house was completely clean and tidy all at the same time was the week before she was born. Since then it seems like I never have time to get the whole house done. I can do the ground floor easily enough while popping back to the playroom every few minutes to see why they’re shouting, or worse why they’re quiet; but getting the bedrooms done is a bit more of a challenge. I can pretty much guarantee that as soon as I start someone will trip / loose something/ want a drink / need a wee etc. Today they still did all those things but in spite of them I’m happy to say that the majority of the house is dusted, vacuumed and tidied. It started at about 6am and ended 15 minutes ago at 20:15 so it’s definitely time for a sit down. Don’t get me wrong it’s not been 14 hours of solid cleaning, but taking care f 2 children at the same time really slows things down:)

I’m finally sat down and it does feel so much nicer to look round and know that nothing needs to be done. Normally I sit down knowing that really I should be doing one of my long list of jobs but for once I feel relaxed and I can see that really we do have a pretty nice house after all. I’ve even been pottering around on the internet considering holidays in Europe as an option for later in the year. In March we’re off to our old favourite of Center Parcs but after that it might be nice to head a bit further afield. Ideally we would love to go to Disney World with the kiddies before our oldest starts school in September but sadly it looks like we get to have a new roof instead. (Oh the glamour of being a home owner!).

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post.

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