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MLP1001 MLP FRONTI remember My Little Pony from when I was little. I had Dream Castle and Majesty, Spike the dragon and many other pegasus’ and ponies. I loved them and spent hours playing with them. Over the past year or so I’ve kept noticing that there’s a new version of My Little Pony sweeping though the playground. The new version’s more stylised that the original and has a much cooler modern feel while still retaining the magic of the original. When we got back from our holiday last week we were excited to find a review disc of the new DVD Welcome to Ponyville, Friendship is Magic waiting for us.

The DVD has six brand new episodes of My Little Pony following the adventures of Twilight Sparkle as she learns about the magic of friendship with her best friend Spike the baby dragon and the residents of Ponyville.

My daughter loves it, she adores “horseys” and has a vintage rocking horse in her bedroom that she is always playing with. She has been asking to watch it repeatedly and arguing with her brother about Ponies or Thomas. This might not mean much to you but up until this weekend they have both demanded Thomas on a regular basis. I think this may be the start of years of arguments about what to watch on the TV 🙂 My son also likes the DVD (much to my husband’s dismay) although given the choice I think he still prefers his trains.

When Christmas comes along I think my daughter will be getting a few My Little Pony characters under the tree and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy playing with them!

Welcome to Ponyville: Friendship is Magic was released last week and is available from all good retailers priced at £12.99, or is currently available from Clearvision.co.uk for £8.99.


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