Room on the Broom Autumn Chocolate Cake

room on the broom chocolate cakeWith nights closing in and leaves changing colour Summer is definitely over. The shops are filling up with Halloween (and even Christmas) goodies and I’m having to think about trick or treat costumes and  pumpkins. This week my son’s school had an Autumn themed “bake off” as a fund raiser. To me Autumn and Halloween mix perfectly with a Room on the Broom themed chocolate cake. I entered the adult category and let my son make cupcakes by himself for the children’s. My son was very happy because it was the first time he had been allowed to decorate and make cakes all by himself (the control freak in me usually helps out). A friend’s daughter won the children’s category with a hedgehog cake and I won a bottle of wine for the adult category.

I made a Rich Chocolate Cake (recipe here) filled with Vanilla frosting and covered with ready to roll chocolate flavoured fondant. I used a mixture of sugar paste, fondant, tempered white chocolate and cinder toffee to make the decorations.


The mushrooms were made using modeling chocolate for the stems and red chocolate buttons for the tops, attached together and to the cake with tempered white chocolate which I also used to add the spots on top.


The witch’s hat and legs were made from sugar paste. The hat is a simple circle attached to a cone of sugar paste with edible glue. To make the legs I rolled strips of black sugar paste into white sugar paste then rolled the resulting stripy sugar paste around a floral wire. I used black sugar paste to make the shoes. I also made a long ginger plait and spotty bow a’ la Room on the Broom.

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You may also like: Room on the broom cupcakes.


I coloured ready to roll fondant red and yellow then blended the two together to create an autumn leaf effect. I used leaf plunger cutters to create the leaves then covered a ball of chocolate fondant to create the pile of leaves the witch has fallen into.


To make the cauldron I used a cake pop mould to make two hemispheres of tempered white chocolate then slightly melted them to join them together. I also melted away the top of the sphere to create a flat surface for the cauldron “bubbles” to sit on. I covered the ball with black sugar paste and created a rim around the top. I also used sugar paste to make legs which I attached with edible glue. I then melted the top of the white chocolate again and pressed  in green sugar pearls and sprinkles to create a bubble effect.


The stones around the fire are made of sugar paste attached with edible glue. The flames are made of cinder toffee (recipe here) . I made a batch of cinder toffee as normal then used the left over mixture cooling in the pan to pull out flame shapes which I pushed into the fondant. If you try this please make sure the mixture has cooled enough that you won’t burn your fingers.

So there it is, a cake that showcases sugar work, tempered chocolate and fondant modeling.I’m entering this cake into Jenny Paulin’s Great Blogger’s bake off showstopper competition. Below you can see the details on the top and also the cakes my 5 year old made by himself.

room on the broom chocolate cake detailsIMG_6516.JPG


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