Oh dear….BlogOn is on Sunday

So BlogOn, the blogging conference for northern bloggers is this Sunday at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Laura from Tired Mummy Of Two has been organising this for months and I am very excited and a little bit a lot scared about having to introduce myself to actual people, although the fact that I won’t need to mumble or explain what a blog is will be a nice change. I’m sure the key is to just keep calm and get the train so I can enjoy the free wine (there’s a joke in there somewhere about keep calm and blog on) .

I’m linking this post up to the who’s going linkey so I should probably ‘fess up as to who I am, if only so that people know who the person hiding in the corner is. I’m Jenny and I’m mummy to two gorgeous little monsters, a boy aged 3 and a girl who just turned 2. I’m also wife to a games programmer who’s picture is in the dictionary if you look up ‘nerd’. Our house is basically a meeting ground for tech and baking equipment so it can get a bit cluttered at times, but we muddle through and end up with lots of nice cakes and games.

My blog is Mummy Makes Cakes and is a mixture of parenting and baking. I went self hosted pretty quickly after starting blogging in February, mainly because I like having the ability to mess about behind the scenes with HTML and so on. Our site is jaisee.com and so my twitter handle is @jaisee_mummy.

This is me:


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Trust me, you will LOVE it! When you actually meet people face to face, you realise they are every bit as nice as they promised to be online. I really loved getting to know people that little bit better at Britmums this year. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your follow up post 🙂

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