My Little Pony Call of the Cutie

Call of the Cutie PackshotA month or two ago we were sent the first DVD in the new series of My Little Pony cartoons, Friendship is magic. It brought back a lot of memories for me and my daughter loved it so we were very pleased to be sent the next DVD in the series Call of the Cutie.

Call of the Cutie is all about how pony children get the unique “Cutie mark” on their flank. Cutie marks are super special to the ponies as they appear once the pony has found their place in the pony world. The story follows Apple Bloom, Sweetie belle, and Scootaloo as they try to find what they are destined to do as grown up ponies in ponyville. But don’t worry if you want to see more of Twilight Sparkle and friends, they will be helping the little ponies along the way and lots of lessons about friendship are there to be learnt.

Call of the Cutie is available from and all good retailers priced £12.99 and if you missed the first DVD welcome to Ponyville there is a special 2 disc pack available as well.

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