How my garden grows…and grows…and grows

thistleThis weekend was gorgeously sunny and we had a great time with the kids in the garden. On Sunday it was my father in law’s birthday so after lunch at Frankie and Bennys we had my husband’s whole family round and they were great at entertaining the kids. I did notice however that the one and only nettle in our garden was making another break for freedom so after the kids were in bed that night I decided that I would just quickly dig it up.

3 hours later I had ended up clearing enough weeds from the garden to fill our wheelie bin and make an equal sized pile in the corner of the drive. It always amazes me just how much I can clear from our flower beds and still have them looking a mess. Not that they don’t look better, in particular the bed with the peonies and fuchsia looks better, although I just couldn’t bring myself to pull up the self seeded rock roses in it. I did manage to take a few snaps on Friday although I didn’t have chance to post them, so tonight I took some more and you can see how quickly things are blooming here.

peonies2 peonies3fushia








Our wisteria is in full bloom now and I love looking a it. For the next few weeks I will really enjoy the beautiful flowers, and then the never-ending sweeping up will begin again as the petals fall 😉





My first attempt at growing carrots and onions seems to be going reasonably well also, although the pot I used had a lot of decorative slate in it and so who knows what weird and wonderful shapes the carrots will turn out (I do know I need to thin them out soon :))


The foxgloves and honeysuckle are coming along nicely but are waiting to flower – I don’t think they trust the sun to hang around.

foxgloves honeysuckle

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  1. Mammasaurus says:

    I have serious wisteria envy! What a lovely shaded spot that is.
    I must admit I don’t have the heart to pull up any weedy thing that looks pretty!

    Thank you for joining in and sharing – it’s been a glorious week weather wise hasn’t it?

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