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belvitaWe all say “Good Morning” but what actually makes a morning good? For our family mornings changed a lot in September when our son started school and our daughter started pre-school 3 days a week. Until September we could take our time and not rush – if we arrived somewhere a little late it didn’t really matter – but now we do need to be on time. We need to be in the playground ready to line up when bell rings and everyone needs to have eaten a proper breakfast for the day. For my kids this means cereal but I often find myself snacking and surviving on coffee. Belvita were kind enough to send us some breakfast biscuits recently and I have to admit they are very handy for a quick breakfast as I’m getting kiddies out of the door. They’re also good as a snack to give the kids if we’re out for the day.

Belvita have asked us to share #morningwin stories and I think mine has to be the fact that since September I’ve actually managed to go to the gym 4 times a week – 3 of those on days when I don’t have the kids. This might not sound like much but since my daughter was born my gym membership has pretty much been used for swimming with the kids and a nice lunch. To actually go in the gym or to yoga is a huge #morningwin for me.

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