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If you read this there will be cake and a discount code.


I don’t often play computer games but Portal and Portal 2 from Valve have to be two of my favourite games ever. Their puzzle solving challenges are brilliant and the humour along the way is great. One of the objects you find and use along the way is a Weighted Companion Cube. In fact, it’s really your only friend. There are promises of cake at the end of the game but it’s fairly likely that the cake is a lie.

When I saw that The Gift Oasis had some portal cookie cutters I just had to try them. The set comes in a lovely companion shaped box and as well as cutters to make the cubes there is a turret cutter, a portal cutter and 2 test subject cutters. I decided that rather than make the whole cookie with biscuits as the instructions suggest I would make the main part as a cookie and use ready to roll foportal makingndant icing to create the companion cube.  I coloured the base fondant colour with a small amount of black gel colour to create a grey, then used white for the other sections. I used water to attach the fondant. Finally I used a small heart plunger cutter to cut out the pink hearts for the centre of the cube. I slightly reshaped them to give the classic portal heart shape.

I wanted to make a 3D companion cube a bit like the piñata I made at Christmas time, so I started wondering what makes it a “weighted” companion cube and decided that it was probably peach schnapps flavoured truffles 😉 they are made with tempered white chocolate and a white chocolate and liqueur ganache filling.

I used royal icing to hold the pieces together and think this would make a fabulous Valentine’s gift for a Portal fan.

open cubeThe cutters are available from The Gift Oasis priced £14.95, they have some other Portal branded products as well as a huge range of unusual and quirky gifts. If you’re wondering what to get for your Valentine this year why not pop along and have a look? Enter the code “portal” at checkout to receive 15% off your total spend. You can also find them on twitter @thegiftoasis and on facebook .

Oh I think I said there would be cake. 2 years ago I lied to my husband and said I wasn’t going to make a cake for his birthday. Here is the cake I made him.

cake collage

I was sent the cookie cutters for the purpose of this review.

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