Chocolate orange cakes with Duerr’s Apricot Jam

20131130-203137.jpgRecently Duerr’s, the country’s oldest family jam company sent me some products which they used in a series of baking video’s called baking for boys. This week I’m featuring their recipe for Chocolate Orange Cake which has both chocolate sauce AND apricot jam in it to make it extra yummy. I love chocolate oranges, whether in chocolate or cake form so this is a dangerous recipe for me in that I will eat far to much of the end result. Last time I made something similar it was Chocolate orange cupcakes with a white chocolate ganache topping, they were so good I hid them from my family so I could keep them for myself (well from the kids anyway – I did share them with my husband an they had alcohol in them so there was a genuine reason I didn’t share them with the kiddies). HAve a little watch of the video below, it does really show how easy it is to make a yummy chocolate cake that everyone will enjoy.

Having just made a big colour wheel chocolate cake I decided to remake my cupcakes and add the apricot jam to the centre, injecting with a specialised nozzle. I do have to hold my hands up here and admit that I forgot to take any pictures. We’ve been a bit overwhelmed the last couple of weeks with illness, stress and some big changes. So here’s a picture of the original cupcakes – the new one’s looked pretty similar but without the chocolate hearts on top. 🙂


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