Birthday cookies

My daughter’s second birthday is coming up and I’m starting to sort out all the recipes I need to make the food for her Party. I’m still finalising the design for her birthday cake but I also need to start thinking about cookies and other sweet treats. I always make birthday cookies based on Nigella Lawson’s “Butter cut out biscuits” and try and fit them with the theme of the party. For my son’s party last year we had train cookies to go with his James the red engine cake.

The recipe I use is:

cookies175g unsalted butter (softened)

200g caster sugar

2 large eggs (beaten)

1 and a half tsp vanilla extract

450g plain flour

1tsp baking powder

1tsp salt

  • Cream the butter and sugar in a freestanding mixer or by hand
  • Add the vanilla extract to the beaten egg then slowly add to the butter mixture while mixing
  • In a separate bowl mix together the flour, salt & baking powder
  • Add the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl and mix at a slow speed until combined
  • Wrap your dough in cling-film and place in the fridge to cool for at least an hour (freeze half if you like)
  • Roll out your dough and use cookie cutters to make whatever shape you love
  • Bake at 180c for 8-12 minutes or until slightly golden  then cool on wire racks

To decorate my biscuits I use ready to roll white fondant icing coloured with gel colours – usually Wilton:

  • To add colour to the ready to roll icing use a cocktail stick to add a very small amount of gel and knead as you would bread dough.
  • I find the consistency of ready to roll icing a little too sticky to work with when it is straight out of the packet, so I add icing sugar to the work surface when kneading in the same manner as you would use flour when kneading bread. This makes the icing easier to handle.
  • Roll out your icing and use the same cutter you used for the cookies to cut out.
  • Brush the back of your icing shape with a little water and place the cookie on top
  • Leave to set

Some people recommend adding brandy / vodka to the water to prevent bacterial growth. While the theory is sound I have never had a problem just using water and I am not happy using alcohol in biscuits for children.

You can be as inventive as you like with the icing, layering different colours ao adding sugar decorations. Investing in a few plunger cutters or sugar craft tools is well worth while.

The picture is of the cookies I made for my son’s 2nd birthday. The cookies for my daughter’s party next month will be similar but you can also expect to see a large amount of flowers and butterflies.


This post counts as my entry to Tea time treats, the challenge run by Lavender and Lovage and What Kate Baked and hosted this month (May) by Lavender and Lovage.


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