Après Tennis chocolate crispy treats

crispycakesMy son has been going to tennis lessons for about a year now and although he started out enthusiastically we went through a very tough phase where “I don’t like tennis”, which pretty much meant: it’s hard and I can’t do everything first time. After months of encouragement we are back to liking it again, he surprised me by taking on board a very grown up conversation about how practising makes you better at things. He is now trying to do the games with the other kiddies and is improving well, he goes in by himself and I have the lovely treat of getting a coffee in peace and quiet while I watch through the window.

Since things have been going better I have started letting him have a cake after tennis as a treat. On days where he has a little wobble about going in the offer of a treat afterwards will usually do the trick. We have been going for the healthy(ier) option of a blueberry muffin but in an effort to save a few pennies I am planning to take his treat with us this week. My son likes most types of cake but I was in a bit of a rush tonight so I have gone for the ultra-simple option of Crispy Treats with a Strawberry and Cream topping in a non to Wimbledon season. I recently discovered freeze dried strawberries in my local supermarket and have been dying to try them on something so I used them with white sugar pearls to make a plain Crispy Treats a little more interesting.


If you’ve never made these they are incredibly straight forward and quick to do. Kids love helping to make them and if you use a microwave to melt the chocolate they can pretty much do everything themselves.


250g Rice pop cereal (Let’s be honest we’re talking Rice Krispies here)

100g Cooking chocolate either milk or dark (I prefer milk personally)

Freeze Dried Strawberries and White Sugar Pearls or any Toppings of your choice

Unlike most recipes there is no real need to weigh anything, I include approximate amounts above for a rough guide but it is entirely down to the very personal decision of how thick you like the chocolate on your crispy treats.


  • Break up your chocolate and place in a microwavable bowl.
  • Microwave at full power in 20 second bursts – removing and stirring the chocolate each time.
    Once the chocolate has mostly melted stop heating it and simply stir, allowing the heat in the melted chocolate to finish the job.
  • Place the melted chocolate in a large bowl and begin adding the rice pops (I just pour straight from the box).
  • Stir as you add the rice pops to cover evenly with the chocolate.
    If you add too many rice pops by mistake and the mixture stops sticking to itself you can always add a bit more melted chocolate, but this is a faf and easily avoided if you just add the rice pops slowly.
  • Lay out paper cupcake cases on a baking tray and spoon the mixture in.
  • Add whatever topping you like.
  • Place in the fridge to set.

Once made these little cakes are brilliant for picnics.

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