Christmas Day with Mummy Makes Cakes

tableBack before Christmas I wrote about our perfect Christmas Day for the Tots 100 12 days of Christmas competition. I was hoping to win the PS4 for my husband and be the best wife ever but needless to say I didn’t :). Still, Christmas day was pretty fabulous anyway and went very much along the lines I hoped. I love decorating the table and this year had a go at making the table centre myself. I bought a cheap orange and cinamon scented pillar candle, a bunch of red flowers and a ring of oasis then added some holly from our garden, (getting prickled repeatedly in the process).

It was a busy, fun and family filled day, we had FAR too much food. The end of the meal was topped of with a 3 tier chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. My husband was given the job of taking pictures of the various foods and he did a lovely job….of everything except the cake *resigned sigh* so the picture is from after I realised and put it back together to take a photo. If you look closely you can see that the bottom tier has already been cut 🙂

cake2I wanted to do a cake this year which looked like a pile of presents. Rather than be colour co-ordinated I chose to make each tier a completely different style. The bottom with Rudolph flying through the sky, the middle a square box shape with a holly pattern (pretty much held together with frosting due to a tragedy when I was taking the cake out of the tin to cool) and the top tier ice blue with silver and gold snowflakes, flower paste bows and edible diamonds. I was especially proud of the top tier as this is the first time I’ve successfully got the snowflakes out of the cutters. Until now I’ve always had to resort to the simpler snowflake cutter that I used to make Christmas cupcakes for the school fair.

We had far too much food including homemade bread, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pavlova (my absolute favourite). Sadly pavlova is popular and I only got a tiny bit but I really shouldn’t complain, especially since I used the left over egg yolks to make crème brûlée a few days later. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new year, I really must try to make some healthier things this January. Below are some of the things we made including biscuits for Santa.

celebrate christmas

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  1. jennypaulin says:

    your tower of cakes is such a clever idea and what great icing work – you are so good and clever with it! but then you have no doubt had lots of practise ! what a creative lady you are x and your christmas day feast sounds delicious x

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